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From the workers in skyscrapers in New York City to the sugar cane farmers in Leogane, Haiti, each of us has a carbon footprint. Everything from turning on the air conditioner and eating beef results in the generation of carbon dioxide. With climate change on the forefront of our minds, having the ability to decrease our personal carbon footprint would be a way each and every one of us could make a difference in the amount of Carbon Dioxide we produce every year. 

Unfortunately, our lives and jobs make it difficult to make meaningful changes in the amount of carbon dioxide we produce.  What if there was a way to change our carbon footprint without making drastic changes to our lives?

Fortunately, there is! Trees use carbon to grow, this can sequester (keep in one place) some of the carbon dioxide we produce for 50-100 years! There are also other benefits to trees, the can absorb up to 1000 tons of water per year, their roots provide stability to soil, and fruit and nut trees can provide food (or coffee)!

What is our plan? We want to sell trees to individuals and businesses that we will plant in Haiti. This is a win-win, the purchaser will make a tax deductible deduction in their carbon footprint and the tree will provide soil stability, shade, and food to our partners in Haiti. 

Donors will receive updates on the trees they donated.

How to donate: make a donation to our partner PositiveRipples (a 501c3) with the note: Haitian Trees. One dollar will plant one to two trees! 

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