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Our Partners

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

We have members working in Les Cayes, Gonaives, and Leogane, Haiti.

In Leogane we have Lamarre, Sandra, and Wesly Jean Louis. Lamarre is a project leader for Resillience Haiti in Leogane, and a project manager for E2E with University of Notre Dame. He has nine years of experience with leading surveys and environmental projects. Sandra is an expert at trees as she works in a tree growing nursery that works as a supplier to several areas within the plains and Ste Etienne Zorander Mountains. While they are not selling their trees they do grow both forest and fruit trees, and then distribute them to nearby farmers and landowners that are willing to participate in the reforestation efforts. They put conditions and guidelines in place for those participating, but the trees come at no cost. Wesly is a school founder that has worked in education for over ten years and has started a school garden program to educate the pupils on how to make a backyard garden. In the future we hope to work with Wesly to implement a school program to inform them about the importance of tree planting and how to care for trees.

In Gonaives, Haiti we have Djemson Jeudy. Djemson is educated in environmental studies, and has learned environmental restoration from Earthcorps in Seattle, Washington. He is also a project manager and leader for an environmental education program, as well as leading a tree planting program in Gonaives through the organization Positive Action for Haiti (PAH). Djemson is going to be a supplier of trees for this project.

In Les Cayes we have Rochelin Forzene. Rochelin is an agronomist that has ten years of experience working in agriculture and with the environment.

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