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What We're Doing Now

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Our current efforts have not taken off as quickly as we would have hoped for, but we are continually thinking of ideas as to how we can raise money to afford to buy trees. One thing that we have recently done is through Jim Mahar's Park and Shop. where 20 cents of every avocado sold in the month of December will go towards buying trees.

Jim is the head leader for BonaResponds, and helps the community in any way that he can. Jim is the reason that we have such strong connections in Haiti and Sierra Leone, which is why our ambitious projects are possible.

We recently just received our first large donation of $500! We are waiting on more donations before purchasing the trees, but this is a great start!

We are also creating awareness towards the problem of carbon emissions and generating interest and ways for people to get involved and calculate their own footprint!

A Facebook post that we plan on publishing in the near future is added below.


BonaResponds and PositiveRipples are proud to announce that we are now working on a new project in Haiti! The Haiti Tree Project is something we have had in the works for a few months now, and we are excited to finally get this thing off the ground! The main goal of our new project is the sequestration of harmful carbon from the atmosphere. However the benefits do not stop there! Haiti has long been suffering from extreme erosion due to devastating deforestation, charcoal harvesting, and monocropping, meaning that every rainstorm that hits the nation, presents a threat for immense flooding and mudslides for the citizens. Through the planting of trees, soil will be held firmly in place, preventing future occurrences of these disasters. The benefits do not stop there as the project will also provide the Haitian people with reoccurring food sources and jobs, which is crucial given their volatile economy.

It is important that we continue our fight against climate change, and this new project presents one way that you can offset your own carbon footprint! If you would like to calculate your carbon footprint this is a great source:

If you would like to donate to offset your carbon footprint this is the link to our website that will redirect you to PositiveRipples. Make sure to mention trees!!


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